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Bad Santa 2 Is Coming To Town (But You’ll Have To Wait ‘Til 2016)

He doesn’t care if your naughty or nice, just give him a bottle and leave him alone before he kicks your ass to the North Pole.

Words: Jason John,  Subeditor: Lauren Burgess


Billy Bob Thornton will return to his role as the ill-mannered alcoholic mall Santa in the sequel to Bad Santa. His true motives are drowning his sadness in alcohol, having sex with plus size women, and robbing department stores with his dwarf sidekick played by Tony Cox as Santa’s elf.

With all the negligence for moral rights, raunchy sex scenes, and excessive swearing from the first film, I am wondering how Miramax will bring something new into the franchise that will leave audiences shocked and in tears of laughter.

But what becomes of beloved surly St.Nick in this sequel after his insightful revelation (also he was shot and arrested). Matter of fact, why is there a Bad Santa 2?

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

It has been 12 years since the first film premiered worldwide. Hardcore fans would feel that this sequel will disappoint them like grandma’s gift socks, while there are some of us that have been waiting for the sequel  for Thornton and the gang to tickle our ribs. You would think that the script was abandoned years ago, or maybe Miramax wants to cash in; they need to make that money.

The first film racked up $60,060,328 (£39,137,066) world wide box office; £3,096,101 here in the UK, a big victory for Dimension Films with their production budget of $23 million, making a profit of around $37million. It is not common for any Christmas film to be a successful blockbuster and fan favourite.

Bad Santa, an original film with jokes about depression and alcohol addiction, brought a new vision on dark-comedy. Making a sequel would just ruin its memory of being a standalone film with an amazing leading actor and intricate side characters.

Although the sequel might do well, I would like to see how Thornton’s Santa will offend today’s politically correct people and break the moral boundaries, and what heist is he on now, maybe he’ll actually burgle Santa’s workshop.

Bad Santa 2 will begin filming in January and premiere during the Christmas season of 2016.