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Ariana Grande and the Cast of Victorious Reunion!

Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies, Daniella Monet and boys Leon Thomas, Avan Jogia & Matt Bennett. All reunited for a cosy night in to watch episodes of their show Victorious.

Words: Aminah Mughal, Subeditor: Alice Marshall



The show ended abruptly after 3 seasons, without a final episode in 2013. Which meant that it was infact the last time the cast were all together under the same roof. Emmy & BAFTA Award nominated for Best Kids TV Show, the show won it’s first Nickelodeon Kids Award in it’s final year of the show. It was rumoured that Ariana Grande was the one who wanted to leave the show to focus on her music career and tour. Meaning that she would be pulled out from the Victorious tour too. Victoria Justice spoke out to say ”one girl didn’t want to do it” and fans lashed out at Ariana for the cancelation of the show. But Ariana hit back and said ”there’s much more to the story than people know.”

Ariana also speculated that one of the cast member *Victoria Justice* had been bullying her behind the scenes on set. Grande told Seventeen magazine that ”I worked with someone who told me they didn’t like me. But for some reason, I felt like I needed her approval.” Insinuating that there was an experience of her being bullied by a co-star. However, Ariana took to defend Victoria on her social media saying she was misquoted. That she was actually talking about when she was on Broadway in 2008 and Victorious was ‘the HAPPIEST time of her life.’ Ariana Grande reprised the role of  Cat Valentine in Sam and Cat after the show ended. The new show even featured Ariana’s close friends Matt Bennett (Robbie) and Liz Gillies (Jade) in an episode.

(Image source: Snapchat, moonlightbae)

All laughing at the hilarious jokes in the programme on Ariana’s snapchat. With her commenting ”why was I the smart one in this episode?”

Victoria Justice captioned in her instagram picture, ”Part 1|Onsie party with a few of my old friends. We’re such dorks, we sat around drinking wine & eating cookies watching Victorious episodes & reminiscing. Very grateful for that time of my life.” Whereas, Matt Bennett got fans excited by captioning picture on his Instagram ”12/12/15 Off by a few days but we did it! Happy Holidays from the cast of Victorious. Can’t wait for Season 5! Coming April 2017” HA! Nearly had us there! And even though, there won’t be a new season or any episodes at all for that matter. We are just happy to see that they are all hanging out again and whatever feud there may of been has ended. Isn’t that victorious?

What are the cast up to now?

1) Victoria Justice (aka Tori)

(Image Source: tumblr)

‘Gonna make it shiiiiine’ if you remember the theme tune, she is still ‘everybody’s fascination’ or so her six million Instagram followers say so. Starting her acting career from early years in a previous Nickleodeon show Zoey 101 she has now made a transition to adult characters on screen. The 22 year-old was starring in MTV’s Eye Candy which has now been cancelled, but she also has a film out called No Kiss List and we pretty much always see her around. If she’s not modelling on a magazine cover, at an event or working on her music she’s seen promoting charity work. Recently she was linked to a campaign on keeping beaches clean doing a mermaid shoot. Newly single after splitting with hunky Pierson Forde (whom her new movie is with) after a two year relationship, the couple were already on a break before they called it an end.


2) Ariana Grande (aka Cat Valentine)

(Image source: Snapchat, moonlightbae) (Left: Ariana, Right: Liz)

No one anticipated this would happen, but from posting her covers on YouTube whilst gaining popularity on the show. Ariana has now become the most globally successful diva amongst the cast. The 22 year-old cancelled the remaining of her tour dates leaving thousands of fans disappointed.  What comes as a peculiar surprise is that the singer did not give the fans an explanation of why she did so.


3) Liz Gillies (aka Jade)


Wouldn’t we love a Jade and Beck baby?! Although a couple in the show 22 year-old Liz Gillies is not expecting and nor are they together. Liz is currently on FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and is even making music. She tweeted “Just wrote a song in a long time. Feels good.”  To which Matt Bennett (Robbie) replied, “Liz you know I’m a great guitar player.” So a collaboration between Jade and Robbie could happen? This would have never even happened in the show amongst their characters, so this is truly something. Liz and Ariana even lived together at one point; they’ve known each other for seven years since first meeting on Broadway and the friendship remains strong.

3) Avan Jogia (aka Beck)

(Image source: tumblr)

Pretty boy Beck is, well, still looking pretty but with facial hair! Jokes aside, he has a few upcoming films and a mini series called Tut that he did for Spike. It seems his future career prospects for now involve acting projects. Instagram hipster, 23 year-old Avan and his girlfriend of four years Vampire Academy star Zoey Duetch make a cute couple. The couple met after appearing on an ABC TV show called Switched at Birth and have been inseparable since. 

4) Leon Thomas (aka Andre)


22 years-old Leon is a music producer, song writer and singer similar to on screen character Andre. He has been involved in some short film productions, one of which is currently in production. Leon and Victorious chill with each other often and have a great friendship post the show ending. The singer is signed to Columbia records and continues to persue music and produce his own material too.


5) Matt Bennett (aka Robbie)



Matt gave us a sneaky surprise at the end of Ariana Grande’s – One Last Time music video where they were seen kissing. The duo often hang out and spend time with each other, their on screen chemistry as love birds Robbie and Cat had us all in awe. 24-years old, Matt reunited with Liz Gillies and it is rumoured they will work on music together, but that’s not been confirmed. He recently appeared in Me, Earl and The Dying Girl and even in The Big Bang Theory as Howard’s little brother. He continues to support small roles in big productions. It’s always nice seeing him pop up.


6) Daniella Monet (aka Trina)

(Image source: Snapchat, moonlightbae)

26-year old Daniella will be appearing in new season of Baby Daddy. The comedy actress has featured in many TV series and TV movies. The vegan blogger also talks about recipes as well as cruelty free beauty products, and she is a writer for magazine websites. It’s apparent that Daniella is on a healthy lifestyle kick and shares this passion with people. Her YouTube videos seem popular too!


(Image source: tumblr)

Was this just a one off Christmas special? We hope not!