Are you really eating healthy? Chances are you’re not

The word fitness is becoming more popular nowadays. We all know that once you started to look after yourself you also pay more attention to what you eat. 

This is well known by nutritionists, fitness trainers and entrepreneurs. How does it work? A fitness trainer forbids the client from eating fat, sweets, and fried food, but later, anyway, the person starts looking at fast-food or forbidden products. 

This where entrepreneur starts to play its own game and sell light mayonnaise, muesli and fitness bars for those who are looking after themselves.
The secret to the success of those products is in most cases the word fitness appears in it. Are they really as healthy as is written on their package? Of course not.

Fitness bars contain sugar, palm oil (a source of harmful fats), flavor enhancers, sweet syrup, and stabilizers. This is why is quite hard to name this food healthy.
The most common form of a lie can be considered the so-called light mayonnaise. The fat, which is contained in it, is just a half from a regular product. The product contains starch, which is completely forbidden when losing weight. 

By this carbohydrate, the light mayonnaise is becoming twice as much as the regular product. There is a large number of stabilizers and preservatives.
Fitness oatmeal cookies are another prime example. I found a package on one of the shelves in a store and next to it was a regular package of oatmeal cookies. Do you know what was the difference between those two? You are right there weren’t any differences at all besides the healthy version being more expensive. 

Unlike regular cookies, the package of fitness contains some exercises that you can try. An encyclopedia of health- first eat and immediately work out according to the instruction and pray that you will lose weight immediately; isn’t this hilarious?
If you really decided to lose weight and to achieve the goals, which you dream of, the first thing you need to do is don’t believe blindly in beautiful titles and adds; as well as work hard for the body you aim at.

Words: Xenia Puiu

Images: Brooke Lark on Unsplash, Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

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