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An Evening With Giovanna Fletcher

Taking some time out of her busy schedule, Giovanna spent the evening with some of her most dedicated fans to talk about her new festive novella, Dream a Little Christmas Dream.

Words: Keziah Leary, Subeditor: Tenelle Ottley-Matthew

Source: Keziah Leary & Alice Marshall


Author and YouTuber, Giovanna Fletcher visited Waterstones Piccadilly yesterday evening to talk about her new short story.

Dream a Little Christmas Dream joins Sarah and Brett again to find out what they’ve been up to since the end of Dream a Little Dream. With life finally starting to get on the right track for Sarah, she suddenly finds out her flatmate, Carly, is moving out. Then when her boyfriend, Brett, starts acting strange, Sarah wonders whether her life actually is as good as she thought.

Giovanna spent the evening answering questions about her short story as well as her other books and her family life. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting things she revealed throughout the evening…

1. Giovanna is currently writing her fourth novel, which will be released in June 2016. Get very excited because it’s going to be the second instalment of Sophie and Billy’s story in a sequel to Gi’s first novel, Billy and Me.

2. Of all the books she’s written so far, Dream a Little Dream would be the one she’d most like to see dramatised. And she’d want to use completely unknown actors for all the roles.

3. Remember the viral video Giovanna’s husband, Tom, filmed, Buzz and the Dandelions? Well if not, here’s a quick reminder…

Well Gi admitted she was “gutted” that she’d missed out on being there to see it. And she even tried to recreate it the next day by blowing dandelions for Buzz, but he just wasn’t interested.

4. Gi doesn’t base any of her characters on people she knows because she worries they’d work it out and possibly get offended! Instead she uses Pinterest to search for inspiration for what her characters look like. Alastair in Dream a Little Dream was the result of a search for ‘man bun’.

5. For young writers, her best advice is to just write. So many people say they want to be a writer but don’t do anything about it. So if you want to be an author, just write, write, write!

Each person who attended the event also got a paperback copy of the novella and the chance to meet Gi and get her to sign the book.

We can quite honestly say that Giovanna is one of the loveliest authors we’ve met, and is just the same as she is on her YouTube channel, Giovannasworld. To find about more about the event, you can watch Giovanna’s vlog of the event:

Giovanna Fletcher’s novella, Dream a Little Christmas Dream is available now as a download from various websites or as a paperback, exclusively from Waterstones.