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All Hail: Victoria Secret’s Queen

Adriana Lima first walked the Victoria Secrets Angel Show in 1999. And now in 2015 she is the longest running model for the brand.

Words: Aminah Mughal, Subeditor: Matt Hooper

This is the 16th time the 34 year-old Brazilian model has walked in the annual show and looked just as gorgeous as the first time. Also a mum of two girls, Adriana has not aged whatsoever. She was first featured in the campaigns when she was just 17 years-old. Since then she has become the lead angel for Victoria Secrets and continues to advertise for the brand.

Young’un – from one of her very first shows in 2000.

2005: Out-running em all, she honestly looks the same!

2006: Ain’t no poison ivy.

2007: Showing YOU how it’s done.

2008: HOW?


2010: We love you too!

2011: Our fave look. QUEEN!

2012: Two months after giving birth to her second daughter (WE KNOW RIGHT.)

2013: In true angelic form.

2014: Gothic ballerina (slaying it)

LAST NIGHT WOO 10/11/2015

Adriana split from former NBA player husband Marko Jaric after a five-year long marriage,  last year in May. The couple shared in Entertainment Weekly ”after long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage.” ”We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters, that we will continue to co-parent.” The couple are still on good terms for the sake of their two daughters, Valentina (5 years-old) and Sienna (3 years-old.)

Since then, Adriana has been attached to a few love interests. Including 21 year-old Justin Bieber, allegedly last year after her split with Marko. According to E! Online, the duo hooked up in the French Riviera whilst they were spotted at the 67th annual film festival in Cannes. Yet neither of the two confirmed nor denied the rumours to date even though they have been pictured together. Now Adriana is in a relationship with her boyfriend Joe, the two have been seeing each other for just over 10 months now.

The models career has always gone from strength to strength, her first job was in a cotton commercial with the likes of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. It was always her dream to be a Victoria Secret’s angel (which she has been for years now!) She has also always been involved in a series of charity work and continues to support the causes. Adriana was born in a under privileged neighbourhood in Brazil, and said she understands the struggles of ‘to have accessibility to education, or simple things like going to the doctors it’s not easy.’

After giving birth to her youngest Sienna back in 2012, the supermodel walked the show when her daughter was just 8 weeks old. She said in a interview streaming of Victoria Secret Live, that it was the biggest challenge of her life. Then went on to explain ‘I would like to set up a good example for mothers and people out there you can do anything.’ Adriana began working out in preparation for the show 3 weeks after giving birth.

In a behind the scenes exclusive for this years show when asked if there was someone in Hollywood she would like to work with. Adriana replied that she was looking forward to work with film director Quentin Tarantino in the future. Revealing that she is a huge fan of his films, Adriana said ‘hopefully I will make it one day.’ Adriana has previously made an acting cameo appearance in the third season of the show Ugly Betty(2007) in 2006. The episode also featured actress Linsday Lohan but Adriana played her model self in the show where she appeared to be an angel to Betty.

It is undeniable that Adriana Lima is still the iconic Victoria Secrets Angel, the supermodel is an eternal beauty. Not only is she a supermodel but a superwoman and supermum (yep!) At 34 her career is still just as impressive and hopefully she’ll continue to the point where she can break the ageist conventions on models. The yummy mummy continues to surprise us and blow us away in her campaigns with her versatile looks. And if whether or not she actually did hook up with the Biebs, then it’s okay, we forgive her of course.



The Victoria Secrets Show 2015 will air on December the 6th on CBS.