Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

Adele Shows Us How A Comeback Is Done

Breaking the internet, world records and humans everywhere seems to be effortless for the Someone Like You songstress. 

Words: Natasha Bandlish, Subeditor: Matt Hooper


Two weeks ago, the world woke up to a monumental surprise. The unannounced release of the 25 year-olds comeback single Hello sent the Internet into meltdown mode. The video amassed over a quarter of a billion views in it’s first fortnight, 27 million of which were in the first 24 hours alone. The outpouring of positive responses to her comeback, and the complete Adele Mania that has taken over, put the term ‘Bieber Fever’ to shame (even though The Biebs released his new track Sorry a couple of days before). She is undoubtedly the woman of the moment all over the world, and in a sneaky preview of her comeback TV performance on The Graham Norton Show, she appears to be right at home in the limelight.

So to celebrate The Return of The Queen, and in the run up to the much anticipated release of her new album 25, we at VOL Celebrity thought we would take a look back at some of most iconic moments in the Tottenham crooner’s career.


Winning her first Grammy award back in 2009 for Best New Artist – even Kanye seems (relatively) happy for her

Flying the British flag; Winning the Grammy for Song Of The Year in 2012, along with five others including the coveted Album of The Year Grammy for ’21’

Coming home to Album of The Year at the Brit Awards (and THAT middle finger moment)…

…and proceeding to remind us all that she can’t be messed with

Delivering one of the most heart wrenching performances of ‘Someone Like You’ at the Royal Albert Hall

Last but far from least, ‘Hello’. The song that is continuing to smash global records, and reducing people to emotional puddles everywhere – this year is set to be another massive one for Adele.