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Actually ‘Hotter than Hell’: Morrisons’ Halloween pizza is 200 times fierier than a Jalapeño

When a pizza is made with safety goggles and is sold with a warning, you know the heat is on

Reporter: Visnja Marjanovic | Subeditor: Ivelina Nikolova


The supermarket giant Morrisons says it will be a ‘’painful eat’’ if you’re not used to highly spiced food. However, the chances are no one is used to their bites being as hot as British grown Naga chili, which is featured in this Halloween edition pizza. Also 200 times spicier than Tabasco sauce and seven times hotter than a Vindaloo, Naga pepper is rated up to one million on the Scoville scale that measures the heat of chili peppers.


source: Independent
Credit: Independent

Believed to be the hottest supermarket pizza ever made in the UK, the ‘Hotter than Hell’ is available in Morrisons’ in-store pizza counters until the end of tomorrow, if you wish to give this walk through hell a shot (thanks, but no thanks). The staff explained that the daredevils who wish to try the pizza will experience their tongues going numb first, followed by a burning sensation in the mouth and down the throat, just before their eyes and nose start running. Also, Morissons explains ‘’the sensation will last for 15 minutes – after which some people may feel euphoric as hot chilies are known to generate an endorphin rush.”

Credit: Independent
Credit: Independent


BTW, we were not joking. Because of the hotness of Naga chili, this pizza is being made under strict conditions that really include protective gear like safety goggles and latex gloves. Plus, if you’re under 16 years old – Morrisons, we and your common sense advise you to stay away from the dish. If you think it’s getting hot in here, it’s about to become too hot to handle – ‘Hotter than Hell’ pizza also comes with sliced Jalapeños, a chilli cheese crumb, pulled steak and chicken (not that you’ll be able to taste the meat).


But there is one good thing about this pizza – the 10-inch stone-baked pizza has a price tag of £2.60 or £4 for two (if you have two death wishes, instead of one). So, no worries, your wallet won’t suffer as much. You will be on fire, but your wallet will be totally fine.