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ABBA Reunite for Virtual Project

Technology and Abba mix together in order to bring back the magic of the 80s with their 2018 tour.

Reporter: Martina Di Gregorio | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford

Credit: Beeld en Geluidwiki

Abba is coming back in 2018. I know, two more years before their original and new fans can listen to their Swedish faves back on tour, after their little tease performance in June of 2016 in Stockholm where the original group performed for the first time in 30 long, difficult, Abba-less years.

If you grew up singing Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, or discovered them with the musical Mamma Mia! in 2008, one thing is certain: when you listen to one Abba song, you are forever hooked to their 80s music. And to prove that music is not dead and there is still some joy left in this world, and after the hard year all music fans have had in 2016 with the death of Bowie and Prince, this news comes as a breath of fresh air, the light at the end of the tunnel.

More information will be released next year, but so far the band has announced their partnership with Simon Fuller (he worked with the Spice Girls, in case you are not excited enough) in creating “a groundbreaking venture that will utilise the very latest in digital and virtual-reality technology … which will enable a new generation of fans to see, hear, and feel Abba in a way previously unimagined.”

Frida Lyngstad, singer for Abba said in the press release on their Facebook page: “Our fans around the world are always asking us to reform and so I hope this new Abba creation will excite them as much as it excites me!”

Don’t worry Frida, everyone is already taking their flare jeans out, putting their Abba albums on and singing around the streets Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen.

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