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7 Most Shocking Reality TV Moments of 2015

Following the report on reality TV over on Have You Heard, we gathered the most shocking reality TV moments of this year. Here they are, in no particular order…
Words: Tessa Ross, Subeditor: Bea Renshaw


1. Mason Noise on The X Factor

His shock exit after bad mouthing The X Factor. His shock return. His name in general. A lot of things about Mason Noise were pretty shocking in this year’s X Factor.

2. Lady C in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

We all started off thinking who is she? Then we moved onto where will she stop? Her A+ insults taught us all a thing or two about winning an argument and how to act like a lady (or not).

3. The Perez Show in Celebrity Big Brother

Perez Hilton’s behaviour in the house was so outrageous he managed to make Katie Hopkins somewhat likeable. Warning: this video gives him exactly what he wanted (attention) and is highly annoying.


4. The stunt double dog in Britain’s Got Talent

This years winning act, Jules and Matisse turned out not to be a double act. The main stunt in her final performance (a tightrope walk) was performed by ANOTHER DOG called Chase, that looked identical to Matisse.

5. Scott firing himself from The Apprentice

History was made in the boardroom this year as candidate Scott Saunders took himself out of the process. It was quite clear that Lord Sugar wasn’t his biggest fan, but Scott wasn’t giving him the satisfaction of saying “you’re fired”.

6. Olly Murs’ X Factor oops

Poor Olly was the brunt of harsh criticisms as he announced that Monica Michael was going home, when in fact they were going to deadlock. Turns out Monica did go home. Maybe Olly just wanted to cut out the tension for a week.

7. Bear Grylls getting celebrities to drink their own pee

Reality TV fans are no strangers to watching celebs eat/drink disgusting things. But there was something extra disturbing about watching stars like Jamelia and actress Emilia Fox drink their OWN URINE on Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.