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7 Iconic Moments from Carpool Karaoke

In the last year, James Corden and Carpool Karaoke have brought us so many hilarious moments with some of the biggest names in music.

Reporter: Frances Cullen | Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton

Lady Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke is here and it’s everything we could have hoped for. We got to hear her belt out songs from her new album as well as our old favourites. It’s Carpool Karaoke at its best with amazing vocals from Gaga and James, anecdotes and facts you never knew (Gaga owns 400 items of Michael Jackson’s clothing that she stores in a temperature-controlled room), and Corden’s silly, family-friendly humour. It was a triumph, although we will never be able to un-see James Corden in a dress made of ham.

Here are 7 other iconic moments from Carpool Karaoke

When James Corden joined One Direction

The matching denim jackets, the synchronised dance moves and Harry’s luscious locks had us all gagging. The close-ups were a treat for us all and we definitely think Corden is a suitable replacement for Zayn.

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When George Clooney and Julia Roberts made a (slightly random) cameo in Gwen Stafani’s Carpool Karaoke

Who knows why George Clooney and Julia Roberts decided to join in Gwen Stefani’s Carpool, but we’re so glad they did. George Clooney showed off his sass and watching them all rock out to Hollaback Girl was something out of a weird but wonderful dream.

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When Missy Elliot and Michele Obama got down to Get Your Freak On

When Missy Elliot suddenly appeared in the back of the car, we all let out an excited squeal and even more so when the first few beats of Get Your Freak On play. This looks so much fun we wish we were invited. Who knew the first lady could be such a good hype girl?

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When Sia belted out chandelier

How is it possible for anyone to sing that well?! It’s a wonder the windows of the car didn’t shatter whilst she screamed out those high notes. And those vocal runs? GURL.

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When Stevie Wonder hit us with the classics

It’s impossible to single out one moment in Stevie Wonder’s Carpool Karaoke because quite frankly, it was all genius. Seeing such a musical legend belting out his hits in such an informal setting is amazing.

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When Justin Bieber reminded us of the cutie he used to be

Bieber’s no stranger to bad press these days, but there was a time when that little teen heartthrob could do no wrong in our eyes. When Corden cranks up the volume to Baby, we’re teleported back to a time before Bieber told fans to shut up or peed in buckets.

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When Adele rapped Nicki Minaj

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Adele anymore, she slays Nicki Minaj’s Monster. PLEASE be our best friend!

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