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6 easy tips to get rid of acne quick

We hate spots, yet they always seem to appear just before an important event. One spot may lead to another and before we know it, we have acne! We’ll try anything to clear it but worry no more. We have these easy-to-follow steps to make your acne vanish soon.

By: Amina Sadik | Sub-Editor: Pinar Djafer

credit (Amina Sadik)


Step 1: 

Acne is triggered or worsened by stress. Do anything you can to relax and be stress-free! peace-of-mind-1407352_960_720


Step 2:

Skin with acne is usually quite oily. Be sure you use face washes and scrubs for combination skin. We recommend Forever Living’s face scrub. Try to use only one product as your skin is extremely sensitive at this point. FOREVER ALOE SCRUB-L Forever-Living-Aloe-Hand-Face-SDL023082898-5-927ff

Step 3: 

Avoid wearing make-up whenever you can. This will block your pores and push unwanted oils back into the skin. If it’s simply unavoidable, change your oil-based foundation to a water-based BB or CC cream. 


Step 4: 

Let the sun hit your face. The vitamin D will help your skin heal. 


Step 5: 

Use natural face masks once a week. A dead sea mud mask will do wonders to your skin. 


Step 6: 

Keep your skin well moisturised, but still with products for combination skin.