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5 Stress-Free Foods

Feeling stressed? Just getting to work on time and dealing with daily commute can cause anxiety in our city. Yet food can set us free… 

Reporter: Maria-Christina Chougkaeva | Sub-editor: Elitsa Grigorova

Food can be treated in many ways, depending on the circumstance we find ourselves in. We have ‘comfort food’, which normally covers a lot of fast food such as ice cream, sweets and a large bag of crisps. But we also have ‘stress-free’ food.

We all sometimes feel stressed, either from work, from everydays errands, school or university. We feel that we are about to collapse and our nerves hit red, yet there still is a chance we can find our path to calm our nerves and relax through food.

These are the five must-haves that will help you drive away that stress guilt-free…..

1. Oranges

Vitamin C is known for helping our immune system stay strong. It protects us from viruses throughout the year, especially in winter. It also protects from cardiovascular diseases, eye disease and skin wrinkling. But being under pressure and experiencing stress is also something that affects our immune system. Oranges belong to the same group as the grapefruit and the nectarine. Studies have shown that the hesperidin and the magnesium in oranges could actually reduce high blood pressure. We can consume our Vitamin C by drinking a glass of fresh orange juice every day.



2. Spinach

Spinach originated from Persia. The green leaves, without a specific scent and with a non usual smell yet a sweet taste have many benefits to someone who consumes them. It helps stop our blood pressure from rising when we get very stressed, due to the magnesium it contains. There are many ways that you can consume spinach during the day, either as a salad or adding fresh into your sandwich.



3. Chocolate

Chocolate is something we all love and it is known for many things. Chocolate can also be characterised as an antidote to tiredness and exhaustion. In general chocolate contains carbohydrates which help and act like petrol for our body. It contains fat but also iron that helps for a faster transport of oxygen to our brain. When consuming chocolate our brain creates the feeling of happiness and relaxation. Brands such as Cadbury and Hershey’s have a variety of chocolate you can imagine. Yet the best to eat is dark chocolate, as it contains fatty acid and more cocoa bean than milk chocolate.But always consume in moderation, as chocolate contains sugar and fat and if consumed with no limit it can cause lead poisoning.



4. Fish

Tuna, salmon and many other types of fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. We can find fresh fish in supermarkets such as Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda which are already cut in portions and ready to eat. Fish can have many benefits for our eyes as well as our hair. According to Psychology Today, people who consume omega-3 have shown lower levels of anxiety when facing a hard test during the exams or preparing for a serious meeting.


5. Oats

Not everyone is a fan of them but studies have shown that oats have a lot of benefits in many ways. The complex vitamins B, that oats contain increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which commands the brain to relieve. Our body digests oats slowly, which is one of the reasons we feel full during the day, when eating it for breakfast. Because our body digests it slow, the serotonin gets absorbed gradually, meaning that we feel relaxed starting our day and through to lunch. If you are not a big fan of oatmeal, you can still consume oatmeal bars which are tastier but not as healthy. Organic bars can be found Holland&Barrett or made by you at home.