5 New Yorkers You Need to Follow on Instagram

We chose 5 dreamy Instagram accounts of it-girls who currently live in the city that never sleeps, New York. We think you will be mesmerised by their edgy outfits and incredible lifestyles as much as we are. From expatriate, Alexa Chung, to the Victoria’s Secret model, Camille Rowe, every woman in this list adds something exciting to the fashion world.

Reporter: Alma Fabiani    Subeditor: Pinar Djafer

Alexa Chung at the Chanel Number 5 dinner. Credit: Tumblr

Alexa Chung at the Chanel Number 5 dinner.
Credit: Tumblr.com

  1. Alexa Chung

    The British model, presenter and journalist moved to New York in 2009, although she rotates between staying in London and New York each week. That’s the lifestyle you lead when you have to be at the front row for all the London, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. Known for her preppy style when she was younger, Chung’s fashion has now evolved into something more complex. On her Instagram account, you will find pictures of her in outfits that you’d never imagine would work – but they do. Her photos are humorously captioned with puns and are generally of her with other celebrities because, of course, they’re all pals. You’ll also see great shots from her new collection for Marks & Spencer, Archive By Alexa Chung. Follow if you love striped t-shirts, leopard print coats and indie rock. @AlexaChung

    Camille Rowe. Credit: So It Goes Magazine

    Camille Rowe.
    Credit: So It Goes Magazine

  2. Camille Rowe

    The French-American model grew up between Paris, New York and Los Angeles and still lives in between these three cities. She’s appeared in famous campaigns for Dior Homme, Dior Poison, and Chloe. She also models regularly for Victoria’s Secret which automatically means she has great photos on Instagram. You’ll see that Camille likes hanging out in the East Village with the cool kids and has an impressive collection of jeans and denim shorts. Follow if you like cat-eye sunglasses, vintage t-shirts and straw baskets like Jane Birkin. @FingerMonkey

    Camille Rowe (left) and her friend Brianna Lance (right). Credit: Instagram

    Camille Rowe (left) and her friend Brianna Lance (right).
    Credit: Instagram

  3. Brianna Lance

    Camille Rowe’s best friend, Brianna, most commonly known as Bree, is the ideal package of the modern it girl. She previously dropped out of Parson, now has an all girls band called Bad Girlfriend, keeps her furs in her freezer during summer according to Tales Of Endearment and is Reformation‘s Head Designer. You definitely need to have a look at the brand’s lovely dresses which fit perfectly and are eco-friendly.  Follow if you like cute pictures of kittens with Monday-related captions, working girls and flared trousers. @Breez_Lance

    Tilda Lindstam. Credit: Instagram

    Tilda Lindstam.
    Credit: Instagram

  4. Tilda Lindstam

    Vogue gave her the title of ‘Funniest Model on Instagram’. The naturally hilarious model also lives East side and is definitely not scared of social ridicule. She posts videos of herself dancing, falling, drinking wine in her bed with a face mask on and posing in front of Cheez-It. You’ll also find pictures of strangers on planes while she’s traveling the world for her modeling career. Despite her impressive number of followers, 336K, Lindstam has been called ‘unprofessional’ by a few people in the fashion industry. This didn’t stop her from posting weird pictures of herself and we think that’s integrity right there. Follow if you like to laugh, duh. @TildaLindstam

    Paige Reifler. Credit: Pinterest

    Paige Reifler.
    Credit: Pinterest

  5. Paige Reifler

    This American model is a true New Yorker and is only 21. Her style evolved within these past few years when she started wearing more vintage clothes whilst continuing to include designers, giving her outfits a classy but edgy look. She’s also known as Harry Styles’ ex girlfriend but that’s not why you should follow her. Follow if you like great fur coats, because she has a dozen of them, sunglasses with rose tinted glasses and Levi’s 501. @ReiflerPaige


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