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5 John Lewis Christmas Adverts That Melted Our Hearts

The crème de la crème of festive advertising…

Reporter: Ryan Elliott | Sub-Editor: Chelsea Jobe



 Though we’re yet to make it half way through November, it’s creeping up on us again. It’s a sin in eyes of some to mention Christmas before we make it into the final month of the year, but the festive period is once again starting to surround us. Whether you like it or not.

Mid-November signifies the start of many festive traditions. Christmas lights are enthusiastically switched on across the nation by near-faded D-list celebrities; grottos full of goodies for hopeful children; and festive food markets re-open, once again lining their path with a wonderful sweet cinnamon smell. There’s also one other fairly new tradition that pops up once again. The return of the highly-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert.

The company has arguably overtaken Coca Cola’s iconic ‘Holidays Are Coming’ ad as the most sought-after by the British public, with it becoming somewhat part-and-parcel of the whole festive build-up. Taking that into account, there were more than 31,000 retweets when John Lewis revealed the new #BusterTheBoxer advert via their Twitter this morning. Which seems far from surprising.

Here’s five other John Lewis Christmas adverts that melted our hearts. [DISCLAIMER: May cause major festive feels…]

The Long Wait (2011)

Though John Lewis have produced many quality festive adverts over the years, this was the first one that ran with their heart-warming short story narrative, and boy was it emotional. We’re shown an over-excited little boy impatiently counting down the days until Christmas, as kids (and adults) often do. The twist? He’s not restless because he wants to open his presents – he simply cannot wait to give his parents the gift he’s been hiding for them.


The Journey (2012)

The Journey is a tale of true love between two snow people. We see a rural snowman and snowwoman together outside of a wintery country home, before the snowman flees the scene and embarks on quite an incredible journey to the city. Why? To bring his loved one some nice-looking winter wear. Through sheer determination he makes it there and back, with the final shot being the two of them holding hands before an on-looking child. How warming.

The Bear and the Hare (2013)

“There was once an animal who had never seen Christmas”, we’re told. The unfortunate party is a bear who doesn’t understand the fuss being made by his friend, the hare, and the other nearby animals as they prepare for the big day. He then retreats to his cave – alone – before being surprised with a gift on Christmas morning by his good pal. Finally, he feels the Christmas spirit, and all is good with the world once again *sobs*.


Monty The Penguin (2014)

2014’s Christmas advert once again ran with the theme of friendship. Although this time between a human and a penguin. The young boy and Monty the penguin are the best of friends, and we start to realise that the latter is feeling lonely due to being away from his own kind. What does Monty get for Christmas from his best friend? A female companion of course. As the soundtrack says, it’s real love.

The Man on the Moon (2015)

No animals made the cut this time around, but that made it no less of an emotional rollercoaster. The ‘man on the moon’ is discovered by a young girl who is playing around with her telescope in her bedroom. She quickly acknowledges that the old man seems isolated, and proceeds to devise a plan to help him out. The concept is wonderful. She ties a gift to a few balloons, and flies it to the gentleman on the moon on Christmas Eve. What’s inside? A telescope, so he can wave back and communicate – meaning he’s not so lonely at all. Happy holidays.