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5 Films To Watch If You’re Feeling Uneasy About The Election Results

Donald Trump has been elected as President of the United States. If, like most of us, you’re feeling disheartened or fed up with the world, you might want to check out our top five movie picks to get you through this hard time.

Reporter: Frances Cullen |  Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton

The Hunger Games

Trump may be bad, but he’s no President Snow. At least with him in charge, we can almost be certain that there won’t be a nationwide tournament forcing children from each state to battle each other to the death.

The Purge: Election Year

Another dystopian thriller to make you grateful that things haven’t got that bad. Yet. A horror film is the best way to distract yourself from your real life fears.

The Campaign

We need humour at a time like this and when in doubt, put on a Will Ferrell movie. It’ll guarantee you a few laughs. You may think Trump is bad but at least he’s never punched a baby.

The Dictator

Sacha Baron Conan plays the childish, sexist, antisemitic dictator, Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen. Sound at all familiar? This fictional depiction of a ludicrous leader makes Trump look like a saint. And to top it off, there’s a cameo from our fave, Barack Obama.

Love Actually

Okay, Trump won. There’s nothing more we can do or say. What’s next?

Christmas! Get over your Trump grump by immersing yourself fully into the festive spirit. And what better way to do that by wacking on a British classic, Love Actually. This film not only puts you in a Christmassy mood but delivers a message we all need to hear right now. Spread love not hate. And let’s be honest, Hugh Grant was a better leader than Trump could ever be.