4 Halloween make-up so easy you can do with your eyes closed

If you still didn’t find your look for Halloween, here’s our suggestions on 4 easy make-up you can slay at every spooky occasion.


Go for the classic cat look that never gets old for a Halloween costume. What you need? Eyeliner! Use it to draw your cute kitty nose, whiskers and the inevitable cat-eyes.



If your willpower to live is basically zero and your sarcasm reaches the highest levels, you might consider to dress up as the famous daughter of the Addams’ family. You just need all black dress, two long braids on the side with hair parted in the middle and a black lipstick to slay that Halloween mood.



If you are not that into all that blood and death, we suggest you go for a ‘pop up girl’ look. Transform yourself into a real life comic. Get a black eyeliner and draw on some exaggerated brows, outline your nose, lips and cheeks with it also, don’t be scared, it’s halloween! to add a little drama draw on a cartoon style teardrop. Finally, to get that “POW!” look, draw some dots with a white pencil and use a matte red lipstick to give a final touch to your lips.



Who doesn’t love some good, old Vampire look? Use a red lip-liner to draw some veins beneath your eyes, use a nice red lipstick and add some fake blood on the side. You can also use a pair of red contact lenses to give that “blood sucker” touch to your look.

Words: Miriam Cocuzza | Subbing: Whitney Ajudua

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