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3 Brilliant Outfit Ideas For Your First Date

Finding love is tough enough. There are so many things to worry about before your first in-person meet up. Like where to go, what to ask/not ask him…But picking an outfit for your first date? Oh, that’s stress city! Don’t panic, we’re here to help you and give examples of perfect looks for that special day.

Words: Aktolkyn Auyen, Subeditor: Tsakane Chabane

(Aktolkyn Auyen)

It may not be surprising but how you look on a first date is very important. Not only to impress your partner but also to feel confident and shine bright like a diamond!


Look 1: Pure beauty (Aktolkyn Auyen)

For a first date forget about ripped boyfriend jeans and trousers! It’s a well-known fact that through a man’s eyes wearing fit-and-flared dress or skater skirt makes women look feminine and sexy. White off-the-shoulder top with white skirt is a perfect match to look stunning. Textured pieces in shades of ivory look fresh and polished as darker days set in. This kind of outfit is ideal for a romantic dinner.

Look 2: Rockstar girl (Aktolkyn Auyen)

  “ Women who wear black lives colourful lives,” said Neiman Marcus.

If you are not a big fan of bright colors than this outfit is for you. Black lace t-shirt with silk skirt looks elegant and simple at the same time. Also, black is never out of style and lace-up heels will give you sexy confidence all night long. If you are looking for a good look for a night out in the town, this is for you.

Look 3: Love is in the air (Aktolkyn Auyen)

This is the bomb outfit, which will steal his heart! Pink and romantic dress will look mysterious and your partner will like that. Also, flip his lid with a wide-brimmed fedora. It’s perfect for fall and help you stand out from the crowd. Show your sexuality with flowing hair, natural make-up and of course, smile. A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear!

You can bare these outfits in mind when picking ensemble for your first date. Now you have nothing to worry about, you will look beautiful and confident. So just relax and enjoy your date!