You are what you eat: Deliveroo reveals Londoners’ eating habits by their neighbourhoods

London is considered the healthy-eating capital of England. But according to the food delivery app, Deliveroo, we mostly prefer junk foods, such as burgers and ribs.

Burgers are the favourite delivery option in eight boroughs. In the suburbs and boroughs such as Croydon, Waltham Forest and Hillingdon the most popular fast foods are unhealthy options, including cheeseburgers, pizzas and fish and chips.

Photo by @fabioalves on Unsplash

According to the Evening Standard, Deliveroo’s analysis reveals that the closer to the city centre, the healthier the food is. For instance, in Chelsea and Kensington people order much fresher and vegetarian meals. In Southwark, vegan food is the most preferred over all other options.

Map created by Tsvetelina Petrova

The research also detailed more specific food preferences, such as Enfield – where the Greek community is obviously large – the most sought after meals are homemade Greek dishes. In Kensington, French dishes top. In Islington the number one choice Is kebab and in Lambeth and Hackney, citizens order alcohol with their food more often than the rest.

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As reported by Evening Standard, Dan Warne, Deliveroo’s UK managing director, said: “London’s diversity is just one of the things that make this an amazing city to live, work and eat in”.

Words: Tsvetelina Petrova | Subbing: Jeremy Ainsworth

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