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2016 Hits Again: Death of Jean-Jacques Perrey

Yet another death hits the hearts of many music fans, in the year that will be remembered for leaving the world with a little less musical talent.

Reporter: Martina Di Gregorio | Sub-Editor: Alex Clement

Credit: Randy Yau
Credit: Randy Yau

If you have ever listened to electronic music, then you can thank the original electronic music composer: Jean-Jacques Perrey. And if you don’t love the style and never heard of him, you should still go ahead and research this man that had changed the history of music.

Perrey, French electronic composer, just died at the age of 87 in Switzerland after suffering from lung cancer, as the daughter confirmed to Rolling Stones.

Not only was he the pioneer for electronic music, (he started composing it in the 50s and was the first European to embrace that style of music), but he also affected rap music; his compositions were sampled by rappers such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

Baroque Hoedown might be familiar to you, as it was the  theme of Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade. So, if you have ever experienced a wonderful time at the Disneyland parades, you can thank this man.

2016 has yet again taken a musical genius away from us, and although he is gone, his music will never be forgotten.