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14 Reasons Boxing Day Sales Are Better Than Black Friday

Feeling blue cos you’ve missed the all the ‘deals’ from Black Friday? (Who decided to have a sale day like three days before payday anyway?) Well don’t worry about it too much, the Boxing Day sales are just around the corner (scary, we know) and here’s why they’re so much better!
Words: Eireann Beardon, Subeditor: Tessa Ross


1. It’s over a month away but we’re already getting excited for the Boxing Day sales.


2. Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Well it’s time to return all those unwanted (ugly) presents or just buy some for yourself.

3. It gives you an excuse to get out of the house and away from your relatives for a while.

To the haters… #GIFFAGE

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Well everyone wants to be happy on Christmas, right?


4. Boxing Day is a national holiday so no need to take a holiday from work to take part in the carnage.

Is this really an accurate depiction of America? #BlackFriday

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5. And those poor souls that do have to work on Boxing Day usually get paid more for working a bank holiday.

When the whole squad turnt #GIFFAGE

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6. Boxing Day sales are leftover Christmas stock they need to get rid of, so they will drop the prices to literally nothing, but retailers still have the whole Christmas season to sell after Black Friday!


7. What better way to cure you Christmas hangover than shopping? Did I hear #retailtherapy?

I do. I really really do🍹😏 #hangover #feels #wherethemgirlsat

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8. Most people don’t compare Boxing Day sales to being in hell.


9. The stress of Christmas is over (and you’re finally sane again) so you’ll be able to make rational decisions.

Otherwise you will end up buying that giraffe onesie, because its only a tenner! 



10. If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort, and warmth, of your own bed; Boxing Day sales are just as good online as they are in shops.

And its an excuse to eat leftovers in bed!



11. There’s no need to get up ridiculously early


12. And then all you have to do is wait for that magical delivery to arrive.

Best feeling ever.

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13. You can buy for yourself, rather than being guilt tripped into buying Christmas presents.

Or you could get some great deals for those awkward January birthdays (ugh).



14. Basically, its just like a second Christmas!

When you find out 🎅 is coming!!! #elf #classicmoviemoments #merrychristmas

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And what’s better than getting home after a long day of shopping to be greeted by turkey and alcohol?!