Wednesday, September 19The Voice of London

12 Halloween Faces that Killed The Scene

WARNING! Some of these faces are disturbingly brilliant!

Reporter: Pinar Djafer | Sub-editor: Amina Sadik

Here at Voice of London, we could feel it in our bones that this Halloween would be bloody brilliant, but we didn’t expect it to be this drop-dead incredible.

Make-up artists all over the globe have shared their looks on Instagram and we have chosen our top 12 this Halloween.

Take a look…if you dare!



Inspired by the Ouija: Origin of Evil movie released this year, oui just love this horrifying look by Baylee Madison!


Peeling Face

Nikkietutorials must be peeling fabulous after receiving over 4 million views on YouTube for this sensational peeling face tutorial.



We carved them, we tried them in our lattes, but this Halloween Jordan Hanz became one. The detail is so exquisite, no other pumpkin had a patch on this one.



These surgery-gone-wrong looks had us thinking twice about booking that boob job and lip filler. We thought the concept was mind-numbingly awesome.


The Joker

We all saw Suicide Squad this year and The Joker look was extremely popular with men and women this Halloween. At first we weren’t sure if this was in fact The Joker or just Marilyn Manson.


Harley Quinn

Of course, always beside The Joker is the fierce Harley Quinn. Daddy’s Lil Monster was badass this Halloween.



The hairy detail on this look was purr-fect. Lou Flores made an awesome black cat with just three stunning colours. Plus he’s got some real cat-ittude.



Laura Ann’s bruises and blood splatters were incredibly frightening. And bloody hell, don’t they look real?



Inspired by Fanta’s Halloween cans, we died for this vampire look by Eva Lamorte. The bat-liner and strawberry lips add some life to this dead character.


Hand Out Mouth

We almost vomited at this one. Elly Supalo is a dab hand at Halloween make-up and we could say a mouthful about this stunning look.



Named ‘Starla the Clown’, Baylee Madison’s look scared us silly. As one of the most frightening Halloween characters this year, there was nothing funny about this look.


Gems on Skull

Our favourite look this Halloween goes to Stacey Marie’s dazzling rhinestone skull. No body could collaborate beautiful embellishment with a skeleton’s head as wonderfully.

But, witch one was your favourite?